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This summer has proven to be full of challenges and celebrations…two weddings in a row of close friends, both of whom were the most camera shy people I’ve ever come across in my personal and professional life.  Convincing Stacey to allow me to take her and Scott on location was like pulling teeth.  “No, no, we just want our reception documented,” she would say.

Well, her, Scott, and their wedding party gave in and bore with me for our photo session on what could have possibly been the hottest afternoon of 2013.  Thank you, all, for your patience, and keeping in good spirits!  I’d say that shot above made it all worth the heat!

1_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-2557

Now, I’ve known Stacey since since the 3rd grade.  She’s super chill, with a wicked sense of humor.  Last year, when she had her first baby boy, Preston, she was so over getting all dolled up to go out anymore.  When I arrived at her home, I couldn’t believe how elegant she (and her bridesmaids!) looked.  It always makes me catch my breath every time I see how beautiful a woman really does become on her wedding day, and it means so much when you’ve known that person for almost all your life.

2_Ocean-Star_Vivian-Lin-Photo_2384 2_Ocean-Star_Vivian-Lin-Photo_2370 1_Ocean-Star_Vivian-Lin-PHOTO-details 2_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-2393 3_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5298 3_Ocean-Star_Vivian-Lin-Photo_2426 4_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5356 3_Ocean-Star_Vivian-Lin-Photo_5414 Stacey&Scott_VivianLinPHOTO 5_Ocean-Star_Vivian-Lin-PHOTO-details 5_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-2986 5_Ocean-Star_Vivian-Lin-Photo_29996_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-3023 18_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-26787_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-60488_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-3088 10_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-310511_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-312112_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-3155 13_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-319714_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6352 15_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-322616_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-642417_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-645919_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-3264 20_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-3289 9_Ocean Star_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6099

Warmest wishes to you and Scott, I’m so happy for you, girl!