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28_Michelle_Maternity_Vivian Lin PHOTO-0464

I could sing in praise of Michelle for days.  She exudes grace and warmth, she’s got killer cheekbones and a stunning smile.  Not to mention, a very handsome husband, an adorable three year old, and a baby on the way!!  The white outfits, the location, the light, it all just fell together beautifully.

Santa-Monica-Maternity_Vivian-Lin-PHOTO 40_Michelle_Maternity_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5604 69_Michelle_Maternity_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5681 MS_Vivian Lin Photo_5632 Santa-Monica-Family_Vivian-Lin-Photo 95_Michelle_Maternity_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5716 MS_Vivian Lin Photo_0512

Congratulations to Michelle and Otis!!!  I can’t wait to see the little one!