Love and Bicycles


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Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_45Who knew there was a forest right smack in the middle of LA?  Who knew the long sleeping vegetation could survive all these years of So Cal drought and revive with a healthy dose of rain?  Well, Zinnia and York had every confidence in me finding a spot of green in Griffith Park.  Their engagement shoot took place back in December, before I realized how blessed we would be with all this rain, and it had been a while since I had shot there.  I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered this lovely location, with rolling hills and wintry trees.  It worked out great to incorporate the cheery blue bike Zinnia and York had brought along for their session.  The bike was the perfect personal touch for their love story.  Zinnia fell for York shortly after she expressed her desire to start cycling.  York went above and beyond by training Zinnia for her goal of cycling 70 miles.  Wow.  Thank you, Zinnia and York, for climbing hills, sweating a little, and being such an inspiration as a couple.  I had so much fun, I took Ray and our dogs back to hike that section of Griffith the very next weekend.Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_3Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_7Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_11-2Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_4Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_25Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_15Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_33Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_42Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_37Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_41-2Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_49Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_55Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_60Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_67Griffith Park Engagement_ZY_Vivian Lin Photography_58Super excited for your big day!

hair/makeup: Luong Lasting Team


Star Wars Themed Wedding at Colony House


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colony-house-wedding_rc_vivian-lin-photo_66I very recently got married (hooray for Ray and me!) and I remember the whole process of imagining, visualizing, and collaborating.  I remember wanting both my fiance and I to plan this wedding together.  I can only imagine Cassidy wanting the same, which resulted in a very memorable celebration.

Cassidy to Richard: “What do you think of a themed wedding?”

Richard: “Like, Star Wars?”

Cassidy: “No, I was thinking more like, rustic.”

Well, this is what happens when two fun loving, chill and open-minded people meet in the middle and throw an epic party!


Huge congratulations to Cassidy and Richard!

Thanks to the hard working vendors that nailed it!

Hair & Makeup: Kelly Zhang Studio   

Ceremony: St. Christopher Church

Flowers: Violette’s Flowers                   

Reception: The Colony House               

Catering: 24 Carrots                                 

Cake & Ice Cream: Mr. & Mrs. Creamery

DJ: Anthony Barrera (who rocked a full on storm trooper costume and decorated his DJ setup with his own Star Wars figurines!)

Photo booth: Pixel Photo Booth           

Coordinators: Chixsie Events