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Arnold and Shinko knew exactly what they wanted–a no frills wedding set against a stunning natural background with only the most important people in their lives.  Arnold and Shinko also knew exactly how they wanted their wedding to be photographed, and I was honored they chose me.  I thrive when my clients are eager to collaborate, and I couldn’t have been more excited when they requested a combination of a fine art/photojournalistic approach to capturing their day.

Every detail that unfolded on that day tugged at my heart.  Nine people gathered together on a Saturday morning, and two of them got married.  Both sets of parents, dressed for the occasion, climbed over jagged rocks with a sense of adventure and determination to get to the secluded cove.   Shinko’s mom brought a plastic bag of rose petals to scatter on the sand, to demarcate the site of where they were getting married.  And Shinko’s oldest and dearest friend flew from across the country and officiated an emotional and heartfelt ceremony.  With landscape this beautiful and friends and family this sincere, you really don’t need much more at all.

Thank you, Arnold and Shinko, for trusting me to fulfill your vision.

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Special thanks to Marisa Sciabarrasi, for helping me.

Marisa’s work can be found at http://www.marisasciabarrasi.com