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Allyson, a gentle soul from the San Fernando Valley, met Rob, a tall, handsome Brit through close family friends years ago.  On one of Allyson’s recent visits to England, Rob spontaneously decided to propose.  In the spirit of impulse, he popped the question with a candy ring.  To me, this is utter romance!

Within a few short months and with the help of extraordinary friends, Allyson managed to plan a lovely lakeside wedding in the mountains of Malibu.  Rob actually had to fly in for his own wedding, and to Allyson’s surprised delight, wore a kilt on their wedding day.

Though married, Allyson is still over here and Rob is still over there as they are undergoing the process of immigration.  I hope these pictures make their wait a little more bearable.

Congratulations to you both and I wish you the best in getting Rob over here soon!

Malibu Lake-3__VLP0041 Malibu-2_Lake-VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-5_VLP7291 Malibu Lake-4_VLP7388 Malibu Lake-6_VLP0134 Malibu Lake-7_VLP0175 Malibu Lake-8_VLP0203 Malibu Lake-9_VLP0216 Malibu Lake-10_VLP0235 Malibu Lake-11_VLP0212 Malibu Lake-12_VLP0224 Malibu Lake-13_VLP0280 Malibu Lake-14_VLP0290 Malibu-Lake-15_0299_VivianLinPhotography Malibu-Lake_16_7444_VivianLinPHOTOGRAPHY Malibu-Lake_17-7509_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu-Lake_18_7530_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu-Lake_19_7493_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-20_VLP0345 Malibu-Lake_21_0355_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-22_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-23_VLP7595 Malibu-Lake_1_7776_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-24_VLP7613 Malibu Lake-25_VLP7622 Malibu Lake-26_VLP0403 Malibu Lake-27_VLP7627 Malibu Lake-28_VLP0409 Malibu Lake-29_VLP7659 Malibu Lake-31_VLP7671 Malibu Lake-30_VLP7684 Malibu Lake_32_7725_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu-Lake-33_0463_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-34_VLP7733 Malibu Lake-35_VLP0518 Malibu Lake-37_VLP7824 Malibu-Lake-36_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-38_VLP7589 Malibu Lake-39_VLP7815 Malibu Lake-40_VLP7886 Malibu-Lake_42_7940_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu Lake-43_VLP7919 Malibu Lake-41_VLP7910 Malibu Lake-44_VLP8006 Malibu Lake-45_VLP8077 Malibu Lake-46_VLP7845 Malibu Lake-47_VLP0523

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