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The theme of the day turned out to be blue.  The sky, the surf, and Cathy’s amazing eyes.  Blue.

What a treat it was for Cathy and Kory’s out-of-state families to come together and experience a classic Southern Californian beach wedding.  Cathy reminded me of a mermaid, with her tiered wedding gown that would flutter with the littlest breezes, complimented perfectly by her loose ringlets and her modernist bouquet.  The sand, surf and sky was the perfect backdrop for their heartfelt vows.
The Bluewater Grill received its guests for the reception gracefully, the sea-worn wood feel settling in comfortably like an old pair of jeans.  Framed pictures of their beloved golden retriever, Dudley, greeted family and friends. The windows provided panoramic views of the marina.  As the sun set over the Pacific, Cathy and Kory were presented as husband and wife to the singing of Blaine Long.  Turns out the biggest surprise of the happy day was Cathy had invited Blaine, Kory’s long time favorite singer, to make a special appearance at their wedding.  Blaine had driven all the way from Arizona, and had even written a song just for the their special occasion!
Cathy and Kory were incredibly fun to work with, a very easy-going and down to earth couple.  It was an honor to photograph their day, capturing the exuberance and energy of such an endearing bride and groom!


2.5 Cathy's-Smile_VivianLinPHOTO 2.6 Modern-Bouquet_VivianLinPHOTO 3 Kory's-First-Look_VivianLinPHOTO 4 Cathy-First-Look_VivianLinPHOTO 5 First-Look-II_VivianLinPHOTO 6 Tears-of-Joy_VivianLinPHOTO 9-Redondo-Bridal-Party_VivianLinPHOTO 10-Redondo-Beach-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 11-Kory-and-Guys_VivianLinPHOTO 12-Kory-and-the-Boys_VivianLinPHOTO 13 Gorgeous-Bride_VivianLinPHOTOGRAPHY 14 Portofino-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 15 Nautical-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 16 Nautical-Wedding-II_VivianLinPHOTO 17 Cathy-and-Kory_VivianLinPHOTO 18 So-Happy_VivianLinPHOTO 19 To-the-Beach_VivianLinPHOTO 20 Lavender-and-Green_VivianLinPHOTO 20.5 Sunset-Beach-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 20.6 Cathy-Walks-Down-the-Aisle_VivianLinPHOTO 21 Redondo-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 22 Minimalist-Wedding-Arch_VivianLinPHOTO 22.5 Kory_VivianLinPHOTO 23 Perfect Beach Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 24 Sunset-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 25 The-Kiss_VivianLinPHOTO 26 Just-Married_VivianLinPHOTO 27 Redondo-Sunset_VivianLinPHOTOGRAPHY 28 Sweet_VivianLinPHOTOGRAPHY 29-Just-Two_VivianLinPHOTO 30 So-Romantic_VivianLinPHOTO 32-Marina-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO 33 Mr-and-Mrs_VivianLinPHOTO 34 Cathys-Surprise_VivianLinPHOTO 34.5 First-Dance_VivianLinPHOTO 35.5 Toast_VivianLinPHOTO 36-Bridesmaid-Toast_VivianLinPHOTO 36.5-Bridesmaids_VivianLinPHOTO 37-Last-Kiss_VivianLinPHOTO 38-Last-Light_VivianLinPHOTO