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One of the deepest honors of photographing a wedding is bearing witness to such a wide range of human emotion.  What a privilege it was to document the seed that will lead to that big day for June and Jeff!  Jeff had a vision.  On the premise that they were going to a work event at the Annenberg Beach House (he even faked the related email and ensured that June, by chance, saw it!), Jeff suggested they take a walk to “their bench” before heading to the party.  Unbeknownst to June, Jeff had gone all out in having their bench decorated and personalized for the big moment.  Beside the cozy pillows and blanket, there was a table set up with a photo of June on that very bench!  Jeff clearly has a flair for romance, and I was “oohing” and “awwwing” for the two lovebirds in between clicks of my shutter.

I’ll let the photos do the talking from here on!

Jeff's Vision_VivianLinPHOTO-0097 Marni Haber_VivianLinPHOTO-0090 Photo of June_VivianLinPHOTO-0098 Unsuspecting_VivianLinPHOTO-0104 Just Before_VivianLinPHOTO-0121 On One Knee_VivianLinPHOTO-2372 Jeff's Surprise_VivianLinPHOTO-0146 June Overjoyed_VivianLinPHOTO-0157 The First Time_VivianLinPHOTO-0161 Jeff and June_VivianLinPHOTO-0186 The Ring_VivianLinPHOTO-2438 Too Cute_VivianLinPHOTO-2378 I Do_VivianLinPHOTO-0309 So Happy_VivianLinPHOTO-0281 The End_VivianLinPHOTO-0355 Lover's Bench_VivianLinPHOTO-0357

Cheers to June and Jeff on their engagement!

Special thanks to Marni Haber of Haber Event Group for doing such a fabulous job of coordinating and bringing a romantic touch to the afternoon!  www.habereventgroup.com