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Aja and I met three years ago to work on a project together, when I was just starting out, and she was co-launching her first online entrepreneurial venture.  Having been lucky enough to work with Aja multiple times since, I have to say she is such a force of positive female spirit!  Well-spoken, intelligent, grounded, but at the same time, smokin’ hot!

Her career is taking off, and she wanted to launch her very first t-shirt.  She wanted the photo to exude that classic sexiness that springs from confidence.  This project was a ton of fun to shoot, and I’m over the moon with how we hit the mark!

Aja Dang 2014 EleganceT-shirts are available at http://www.contourhooligans.com as of March 1st, 2014.

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Client: Aja Dang

Makeup: Julie San Augustine