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597_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4950There are people I’ve known in my own life who have been singular, artistic, and independent souls.  Lauren is one of them.  I’ve known Lauren since Jr. High, and was so sincerely happy for her when she met the man of her dreams.  This is no cliche.  Ralf is tall, handsome, Brazilian, and one of the kindest people I’ve met in a long time.  They rocked their Dia de los Muertos themed wedding at the legendary Boardner’s club in Hollywood.  All the details are overflowing with DIY personal style, mostly handcrafted by Lauren and her crew of talented friends, it’s sort of unbelievable.  I’ll just let the photos do the talking!

LF_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5347 Boardners_Details1_Vivian Lin Photo Dia De Los Muertos Wedding_1_Vivian Lin Photo Alternative Wedding_Shoes_Vivian Lin Photo 42_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4990 45_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5002 56_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5019 95_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5120 93_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5113 108_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5163 112_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5172 51_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5000 89_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5104 185_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5324 171_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5296 127_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9213 134_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5226 169_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5295 157_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5268 181_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5308 163_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5281 188_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5330 397_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5518 Dia de los Muertos Wedding_2_Vivian Lin Photo Boardners Wedding_2_Vivian Lin Photo 406_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4817 415_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4837 316_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5336 314_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9335 308_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4851 426_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4868 427_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4870 447_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9375 432_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9350 455_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5575 464_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5596 480_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5611 471_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5606 498_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5632 510_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5640 559_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4906 562_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4909 202_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4960 Boardners Wedding_3_Vivian Lin Photo 206_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4964 Dia De Los Muertos Wedding_4_Vivian Lin Photo Dia De Los Muertos Wedding_3_Vivian Lin Photo 602_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5019 571_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5547 Dia De Los Muertos Wedding Cake_Vivian Lin Photo 608_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5788 611_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5786 626_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5667 660_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5705 644_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9480 638_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5677 655_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5694 645_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5680 733_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5005 436_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9357 LF_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5725 804_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5896 723_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5015 719_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_4979 826_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5928 818_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5918 811_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5903 741_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5810 745_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5815 780_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5855 711_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9569 838_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5948 688_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5726 687_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_9549 766_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5838 751_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5822 694_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5735 841_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5950 848_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5957 749_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5820 LF_Vivian Lin PHOTO-4999Knowing Boardner’s was already a perfect backdrop, combined with Lauren and Ralf’s stylish friends, I asked my talented friends Eddie and Jen to come and take portraits of the wedding guests as a gift to my friend.  Here are some of the dramatic results!

2_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5402 8_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5479  12_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5519 14_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5528 11_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5516 15_LR_Vivian Lin Photo_5538Much love to the happy couple, Lauren and Ralf!  Thank you Eddie and Jen, for contributing your talented portraiture skills, and Keith Lubow for being such a pleasure to shoot with.

Venue: Boardner’s, Hollywood   http://www.boardners.com


Lauren’s Skirt: Dianna Dinoble of Starkers Custom Corsetry  http://www.starkers.com/

Lauren’s Corset: Isabella Corsetry  http://www.corsetmaker.com

Lauren’s Shoes: Hush Puppies

Ralf’s Shoes: Converse All-Stars

Ralf’s Suit: Gentleman’s Emporium

Cake: Friandise Pastries   http://www.friandisepastries.com/

Bridal bouquet and groom boutonniere: Violette’s Flowers    http://www.violettesflowers.com/

Portraits: Eddie Isais    http:edwardisais.tumblr.com

Jennifer Huang     http:jennifer-huang.tumblr.com

DIY contributions by Lauren’s extraordinarily talented friends!

Custom made engagement ring and wedding bands: Emmanuel Garcia

Hand painted sugar skulls: Kimberly Sugar   kimberlymoniques@gmail.com

Hair: Keya Schaeffer

Makeup: Meghan Smith

Headpiece: Mavis

Baked Treats: Baking with Melissa  http://www.bakingwithmelissa.com

Centerpieces: Lauren Tiede