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I actually met Shannon at a wedding (we were both guests of our sweet friend, Rachelle).  I was just starting my photography business and Shannon was establishing a non-profit called Alabaster Mobile Clinic, which provides health services to under served regions of Africa and South Asia.  At the time, I thought I was struggling with starting a business from scratch.  Upon meeting her, I was blown away by her altruism, dedication, and sheer energy to make the world a better place.  It certainly put life into perspective.

Fast forward to the start of 2013–in a whirlwind, Shannon had suddenly met the man of dreams, gotten engaged, and was planning her wedding!  I couldn’t have been more touched that she had immediately thought of me.

Here we are, 12 days away from her and Ashantha’s wedding.  Shannon is a thriving philanthropist, on the verge of marrying her perfect match.  In this season of giving and gratitude, I can’t imagine a better couple to finish off a fantastic 2013.

18_SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6015 26_SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6024 SA_Vivian-Lin-PHOTO-6072_web 93_SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6109 SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6090 110_SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6151 58_SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5129 SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6136 70_SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5152 SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-6099 63_SA_Vivian Lin PHOTO-5139Please visit http://www.alabastermc.org/about-us/mission/ to see how you can contribute to Shannon’s phenomenal cause.