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Oviatt_Vivian-Lin-Photo_1438When Sheila smiles, you can’t help smiling too.  When Steve is around, Sheila can’t stop smiling.  Hence the utterly happy day these two shared with their friends and family.  It was not only happy, but oh-so-stylish!  I just could not put my camera down, there were so many amazing details and moments to cover at this rooftop wedding in the historical Art Deco Oviatt building.

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Congratulations, you two lovebirds!

It was great working with all the following vendors:

Start: Millenium Biltmore, downtown Los Angeles

Venue: Oviatt Penthouse, downtown Los Angeles

Gown: Kenneth Winston

Florist: LV Floral Evnts

Makeup: Jo Anne Pamplona

Videography: Americana Cinema

Lighting: Audio FX Productions

Special THANKS to Haeran Kang, for shooting with me. 🙂