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The sunlight filtered in with a certain lacy laziness over the Langham, hazing over the harsh, raw midday tone like the warm, familiar embrace from an old friend.  Most little girls dream of such a day for having their fairy tale wedding, an entire day to be cherished and remembered.  Lindsey and Steve had that one perfect day, their infectious smiles and laughter permeating to the guests and amongst the space.  It was a day where everything fell magically into place.  Starting with the gorgeous backdrop of the classic Langham Hotel, from the pink ribbon snug around the waist of Lindsey’s petal-inspired gown, to Steve’s charming bow tie, one could tell that they were planners and they had left no detail overlooked, which was all vibrantly captured by Agnes Csiszar’s on-site painting during their reception.  But there was so much more than just the tangible objects that made Lindsey and Steve’s wedding a fairy tale.  The moment Lindsey and Steve’s eyes met for the first look in the Horseshoe Garden, we could all tell their love is the real thing.  Her elated, excited eyes proclaimed a love of having won her devoted prince.  Steve’s lovesick smile equally told the story of a relationship culminating in an exclamation point on this day.  Their love was not just real, but in that precious state of love where they couldn’t pull their eyes away from each other, and where they were overflowing with giddiness from the excitement of getting married.  Time glided and dipped gracefully, like their first dance, waltzing to the rhythm of smiles and hugs, threading through the moments of the day.  We loved every moment, and the moments were generous, just like Lindsey and Steve.  Thank you for inspiring us, and for letting us be a part of your memories.

For this wedding, I was lucky enough to assemble my dream team: Raymond Lo and Haeran Kang, thanks a million!