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Several weeks ago, I had a great time shooting a classic, outdoor Southern Californian wedding at a private Malibu residence.  As the guests were settling into the reception, I hopped out to the driveway to get some food shots.  That was where the team of T’s California BBQ had set up massive grills to barbeque their chicken and beef to perfection on site.  Miles, the groom, is a real foodie and he went all out to make sure his guests were going to be fed superbly well.


Though the BBQ meat was the star of the evening, the veggie plates definitely got my mouth watering.  Their ingredients are organic and locally grown.

I was impressed with the level of care T’s put into their food.  I kept thinking each dish was done, as I prepared to shoot, and members of their team would laugh at me, telling me “it’s not perfect yet!”  Only when each dish was dressed, drizzled, and arranged to perfection, would they let me take my shot.

The guests absolutely loved each dish, as I noticed the food being devoured as soon as the plates were set down at the tables.


T’s California BBQ