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DTLA Engagement_AV_Vivian Lin Photography_66

After a proper winter hibernation of snuggling with my new hubby (I just got married at the end of 2016!), working on my new website (it’s still in beta mode, but I’m already a proud mama!), and taking on a massive decluttering a la Marie Kondo style, I’M BACK and I’m taking on 2017 with new fervor.

Thank goodness Ray is not the jealous type, because I came home from this engagement session raving about Victor and Amy.  Victor and Amy had wanted to revisit some of their favorite spots in downtown LA for their engagement session.  They had been dating for a long time, and many of their happiest (and wildest!) memories have taken place all within a few blocks of each other.

As soon as we met up, I swooned over Amy’s dress black lace dress from Anthropologie.  I swear, I’d been day dreaming about that dress for months online.  It was such a treat to photograph someone who rocked it!  Amy told me Victor had bought it for her because she only has work clothes and never has time to shop.  The man is thoughtful and has taste.  And he knows what looks amazing on her!

We had the best time, taking turns leading each other through the streets of LA.  Hitting up La Cita for their infamous Bloody Mary is now on my 2017 bucket list.  No drinking for me on the job, but perhaps I’ll be looking forward to a celebratory drink the day after Amy and Victor’s upcoming wedding at the Oviatt Penthouse!

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Super special thanks to La Cita being chill enough to let us photograph there.  Super special thanks to Amy and Victor to sharing some of their favorite memories with me.