Glendale Wedding_001_Vivian Lin Photography_4603Being based in Los Angeles grants me the opportunity to document so many different kinds of weddings, and I love seeing how couples incorporate cultural traditions into their big day.  Liza found the perfect Tadashi Shoji wedding gown to compliment the delicate lacy details that honored her Filipina heritage.  Greg’s barong tagalog shirt came custom made, all the way from the Philippines.  Tropical flowers, salmon colored place cards, and even a surprise folk dance performance lent an island vibe to this celebration.Glendale Wedding_002_Vivian Lin Photography_3798 Glendale Wedding_003_Vivian Lin Photography_3805 Glendale Wedding_004_Vivian Lin Photography_3810 Glendale Wedding_005_Vivian Lin Photography_4408Glendale Wedding_L&G_Vivian Lin Photography-3 Glendale Wedding_006_Vivian Lin Photography_3821 Glendale Wedding_007_Vivian Lin Photography_3852 Glendale Wedding_008_Vivian Lin Photography_3861 Glendale Wedding_009_Vivian Lin 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Lin Photography_4381 Glendale Wedding_054_Vivian Lin Photography_4396 Glendale Wedding_055_Vivian Lin Photography_4846 Glendale Wedding_056_Vivian Lin Photography_4467 Glendale Wedding_057_Vivian Lin Photography_4465 Glendale Wedding_058_Vivian Lin Photography_4441 Glendale Wedding_059_Vivian Lin Photography_4432 Glendale Wedding_060_Vivian Lin Photography_4874 Glendale Wedding_061_Vivian Lin Photography_4437 Glendale Wedding_062_Vivian Lin Photography_4457 Glendale Wedding_063_Vivian Lin Photography_4462 Glendale Wedding_064_Vivian Lin Photography_4484 Glendale Wedding_065_Vivian Lin Photography_4675 Glendale Wedding_066_Vivian Lin Photography_4668 Glendale Wedding_067_Vivian Lin Photography_4671 Glendale Wedding_068_Vivian Lin Photography_ Glendale Wedding_069_Vivian Lin Photography_4550 Glendale Wedding_070_Vivian Lin Photography_ Glendale Wedding_071_Vivian Lin Photography_ Glendale Wedding_072_Vivian Lin Photography_4669 Glendale Wedding_073_Vivian Lin Photography_4355 Glendale Wedding_074_Vivian Lin Photography_4787 Glendale Wedding_075_Vivian Lin Photography_4359 Glendale Wedding_076_Vivian Lin Photography_4976 Glendale Wedding_077_Vivian Lin Photography_4685 Glendale Wedding_078_Vivian Lin Photography_4511 Glendale Wedding_079_Vivian Lin Photography_4610 Glendale Wedding_080_Vivian Lin Photography_4588 Glendale Wedding_081_Vivian Lin Photography_4707 Glendale Wedding_082_Vivian Lin Photography_4659 Glendale Wedding_083_Vivian Lin Photography_5138 Glendale Wedding_084_Vivian Lin Photography_4727 Glendale Wedding_085_Vivian Lin Photography_5209 Glendale Wedding_086_Vivian Lin Photography_4731 Glendale Wedding_087_Vivian Lin Photography_4777 Glendale Wedding_088_Vivian Lin Photography_5286 Glendale Wedding_089_Vivian Lin Photography_4668 Glendale Wedding_090_Vivian Lin Photography_4685 Glendale Wedding_091_Vivian Lin Photography_4690 Glendale Wedding_092_Vivian Lin Photography_4695 Glendale Wedding_093_Vivian Lin Photography_4722 Glendale Wedding_094_Vivian Lin Photography_4761 Glendale Wedding_095_Vivian Lin Photography_4758Glendale Wedding_096_Vivian Lin Photography_4703

Congratulations to Liza and Greg!!!

Wedding gown: Tadashi Shoji

Barong Tagalog shirt: custom made in the Philippines

Florals: made by family friends with love

Church: Holy Family Catholic Church, Glendale CA

Reception: Embassy Suites, Glendale CA