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08_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8696

How thoughtful and sweet are Maeve’s girlfriends for hiring me to document her afternoon at BHLDN searching for the perfect wedding gown?  What a great idea!  No spoiler worries here.  The lovely Maeve celebrated her sweet nuptials this past September.

23_Dress Shopping_BHLDN_Vivian Lin Photo 15_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8713 30_BHLDN_Vivian Lin Photo 25_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8633 33_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8665 35_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8670 38_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8681 41_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8690 42_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8691 53_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8715 54_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8722 58_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8725 69_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8746 74_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8760 85_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8776 88_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8783 97_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8796 73_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8756 115_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8860 123_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8895 129_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8911 132_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8925 137_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8936 141_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8945 143_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_8947 157_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_9003 175_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_9068 186_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_9093 189_Maeve_Vivian Lin Photo_9097

Thanks for thinking of me always, Asa!!!