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28_BT_Vivian Lin PHOTO-0567

I had to say, I was a little nervous as I drove up PCH.  Seeing the clouds come in, I knew the high Malibu brush would look dull and flat, and what if it started to rain?  When I met up with Tiya and Brian, we nixed the meadows and found a pleasant break in the bushes that protected them from the wind.  And as soon as we found a quiet spot, Tiya and Brian settled in and just made it so effortless.  They couldn’t take their eyes off each other, these two are so meant to be.  After 14 years of dating, not an ounce of romance seems to have been lost.  As the sun set, the colors of nature matched Tiya and Brian’s outfits perfectly.  It felt like the day was meant to be as well.

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