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Hotel Bel Air_VivianLinPHOTO

Weddings reflect the personalities of the couple getting married, and Marcus and Sally’s big day resonated with charm, intimacy, and class.  We loved capturing the sheer joy Marcus and Sally exuded whenever they were near each other, his eyes crinkling with glee and her eyes open and expressive with love.

When a hotelier and an executive chef get married, you know you’re in for a day where every detail lives up to the highest of standards.  Marcus and Sally chose the enchanting  Hotel Bel Air for their first look.  Not only do the grounds remind me of a secret garden, but it’s all the more endearing since this is where they first met.  They treated their guests to a stunning ocean view ceremony.  Afterwards, dear friends and family enjoyed a lounge style reception and were offered a sumptuous feast that included hand made German sausages by the acclaimed Chef Bernhard Mairinger (in honor of Marcus’s native homeland), an avant-garde cake made by Sally’s award winning mentor, Donald Wressell, just to name a few of the culinary delights.

Congratulations to Sally and Marcus!  Your love is inspiring!

Little-Details_VivianLinPHOTO Sally's-Red-Robe_VivianLinPHOTO BridalHairpiece_VivianLinPHOTO VivianLinPHOTO-0102 Getting-Ready_VivianLinPHOTO- Lace Wedding Dress_VivianLinPHOTO Getting-in-the-Dress_VivianLinPHOTO Quick Glance_VivianLinPHOTO Sally_VivianLinPHOTO Cuffs_VivianLinPHOTO Looking Good_VivianLinPHOTO Lalique_VivianLinPHOTO Mom Arrives_VivianLinPHOTO MarcUs_VivianLinPHOTO Bel-Air-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO First-Look_VivianLinPHOTO Sally&Marcus_VivianLinPHOTO Bel-Air-Kiss_VivianLinPHOTO Love-in-Bel-Air_VivianLinPHOTO Path_VivianLinPHOTO Ladies-in-Green_VivianLinPHOTO Shades-of-Green-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO Here She Comes_VivianLinPHOTO Sally-and-Dad_VivianLinPHOTO Private Glance_VivianLinPHOTO Malibu-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO Single-Tear_VivianLinPHOTO Los-Angeles-Wedding_VivianLinPHOTO With-This-Ring_VivianLinPHOTO Bel-Air-Bay-Kiss_VivianLinPHOTO Sally&Marcus-Married_VivianLinPHOTO Twins_VivianLinPHOTO Sally&Marcus_VivianLinPHOTO_8244 Malibu-Sunset_VivianLinPHOTO Bel Air Bay_VivianLinPHOTO Cake-and-Flowers_VivianLinPHOTO Cuisine_VivianLinPHOTOSweathearts_VivianLinPHOTOFamily_VivianLinPHOTO First-Dance_VivianLinPHOTOMarcus-Approves_VivianLinPHOTO Hug for Mom_VivianLinPHOTOMom&Dad_VivianLinPHOTOYum_VivianLinPHOTO Last-Kiss_VivianLinPHOTO

Special thanks to Eva Lagudi for keeping the day running smoothly and Devin Espinosa for guiding the evening of merriment!

First Look: Hotel Bel Air, http://www.hotelbelair.com

Venue: Bel Air Bay Club, http://www.belairbayclub.com

Gown: Manuel Mota

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Florist: Lilit Khatchaturian, http://www.skyeventsandproduction.com

Wedding Cake: Donald Wressell

German Food Station: Bernhard Mairinger

Pastry Station: Carlos Enriquez, http://www.chefcarlosenriquez.blogspot.com

DJ: Shawn Carter, http://www.beautyofthebeats.com