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Nikki is energy, frenetic, fervent, kinetic.  Dynamic and always on the move, Nikki pushes and pulls with the force of a creator, a prankster, someone unafraid to pull at the seams of life.  She brought that energy to our inspiration shoot, along with her good friend (and quite the cutie) Ray, to play the role of her man.  Her and Ray had that flirtatiousness about that that envelopes the freshly engaged.  They passed longing looks beneath batty lashes, along with the coquettish teases of those on the edge of romance.  Nikki was the consummate actress, all charm with that gaze and her ruddy glow, and the occasional accompaniment of a soft kiss.

Above all, I find Nikki to be a source of inspiration on each and every shoot we’ve had, and also in life.

Thank you, for being my friend.