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I had the pleasure of shooting Charla and Shakir’s engagement session at Griffith Park a couple weeks back.  After talking on the phone with Charla, I knew I liked this girl immediately.  Well spoken, friendly, and intelligent, she had a vision of a romantic photo session as the sun was setting over the Los Angeles hills.

I loved their old school, retro style.  Charla’s had her hair done so the ends flipped up, which was perfect to add to the nostalgia in this sunset silhouette.
Charla had also brought along her Schwinn!  It was one of her first purchases when she came to LA.  Love the bold blue color!
As the sun faded, we got one last mini moment under a street lamp.  Shakir had been shy earlier in the day, but as he spent more time with Charla, I was moved by how his love for her was so apparent.  This was the last shot of the night.