2012 couldn’t have started with a better photo session!  I’m so pleased Deanna and Adrian’s engagement session is my first photo posting on vivianlovesphotography.

I was absolutely thrilled when Deanna told me she wanted an old Hollywood style engagement shoot.  My excitement soared off the charts when she added that we had full access to the ground floor of Castle Green.  Growing up near Pasadena, I’d always passed the elegant fortress-like structure wondering what was inside.  On the day of our shoot, I was a kid in a candy store.  I wandered from room to room, brain overflowing with the visual possibilities of the interiors that still reflect old fashioned glamour.

Deanna and Adrian were such a compliment to each other, with his charcoal suit and her polka dot dress.  Can you believe she learned how to do her own hair that way through YouTube tutorials?  Girl is awesome! We had so much fun in the sun room.  The California rays lit everything with a golden glow. Deanna and Adrian, you two were such a joy to work with.  Looking forward to the wedding!

I loved these old black and white photos of brides and grooms from another era!